Sleep Disorders

If you have trouble getting enough sleep — or feel tired even if you think you sleep okay — you may have one of the treatable sleep … Read More...

sleep disorders

Kids Need Sleep!

Is your child struggling in school? Are grades suffering? Is it hard to set a bedtime schedule? Are electronic devices in the bedroom … Read More...

kids need sleep

Are you tired of being tired?

If you depend on coffee or energy drinks to get you through the day, you may have a more serious problem than caffeine addiction. Do you … Read More...

tired of being tired

Need Sleep Help?

Physician owned and operated, Northshore Sleep Medicine is a private medical facility designed completely for patient convenience and comfort. Learn more >>

Comparing CPAP Cleaners

Patients who use CPAP machines often ask us for input on keeping the unit clean and functional. Sleep Review magazine put together a guide comparing CPAP cleaners side-by-side. The guide compares features such as dimensions (overall and inside chamber), … See more...

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