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We appreciate any referrals from colleagues and physicians (as well as informal referrals from our patients).

Primary care physicians and specialists can use the custom email addresses for our physicians found on our form (below) to submit a patient for a sleep physician referral. Adding the appropriate doctor’s email address to the electronic medical record for tracking referrals and coordination of care will help meet requirements from the MACRA program for Medicare, etc. The forms provide us with the information we need to treat the patient and to submit the appropriate claims to their insurance companies.

Consultation or Direct Referral for Sleep Study

Physicians may request a direct referral to the sleep laboratory. Our sleep doctors ask that this be done only for those cases where there is a strong suspicion of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in an otherwise healthy, uncomplicated patient. If there is suspicion for another sleep disorder or if the patient has a complicated medical history, it is advised that the patient be seen in consultation prior to an overnight study.

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