Staff Bios

JoyceJoyce Garnett, Front Desk

Hello. My name is Joyce and I’m fairly new to Northshore Sleep Medicine. I am really enjoying working alongside my great coworkers. I am a lover of music and dance; growing up I was the captain of my cheerleading squad and I still enjoy going to dance classes. Of course, we all love food, but I can eat all day long, maybe just a little more picky than the average person. I’ve worked in the medical field starting as a caregiver, then moved my way up to front desk receptionist at a nursing home. Growing up I have always wanted to be involved in the medical field. Someday I would like to go back to school and master everything there is to know about sleep apnea, even the technician and billing aspects. I know the medical field is a great place for me because it’s helping others, and I love to help others. I feel that is one of my main purposes for being on this earth. I do not have children of my own yet, so it’s just me and my dog, Pepper. But I love kids and my nieces and nephews are my world!

Corina at Northshore Sleep MedicineCorina Luca, Billing

Hi, my name is Corina and I have been with Northshore since 2009, with a maternity break in between. I started off part time as a tech and now I work full time doing what I like most, billing insurance companies and making sure that claims get paid. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my husband and two sons, going to the park and swimming pool, rollerblading and trying to read a good book.


GiuliaGiulia Alexandru, Office Manager

Northshore Sleep Medicine has been my second home for over a decade now and all of the staff have been like my second family. Although the practice has been through some big transitions these past few years we continue to move forward. As a practice, we continue to evolve with the always changing landscape of insurance and sleep medicine. In my personal life, change is also a constant and keeps life interesting and fun. When I’m not at NSM, I’m at home in Wilmette with my daughter and fur-babies or with my (big) family in Deerfield.

LorraineLorraine Rodriguez, Chief Technician

My name is Lorraine and I have been in the medical field since I was 19. I worked at Gottlieb Hospital while attending classes at Westwood College. In 2002 I graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Graphic Design. I never pursued it because the more I worked in the medical field the more I fell in love with working with patients. I started working at NSM in 2008 as a night tech and eventually made my way to chief tech working mornings in 2010. On a side note, I love photography and will try and capture a shot that looks appealing to the eye. I don’t have children, but my pride and joy are my nieces and nephews and I’d say that’s close enough.

NedraNedra Washington, Technician

Hello. My name is Nedra Washington and I am the Day Tech here at Northshore Sleep Medicine; I’ve been here for about four months now. I am a mother of two beautiful children who are my pride and joy. I would say I am a very loving, cheerful, and friendly person. Most people would say I’m very versatile because I’m always changing my hair styles to something bold and bright. I have been in the healthcare field for about six plus years, and I really feel that I have found my calling. As a bit of a  fitness buff, I might see you from time to time as I’m walking around campus or the neighborhood enjoying the walk and nature.



Staff bios photos by Lorraine Rodriguez.