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Read what some of our patients have to say about their visit to Northshore Sleep Medicine.

“Clean facility professional staff and excellent doctors. They even have Saturday appointments! Thank you for helping me sleep better. Highly recommend!”
~ Lynn S.

“Northshore Sleep Medicine and all doctors and staff are the best!!  You care about your patients, listen to my needs and concerns, answer all of my questions, follow up and are so funny and kind!!”
~ a patient of Dr. Najjar

“If you have any questions about this place, let me know. The entire staff is incredibly awesome! DO NOT WAIT! go see these people if you have any doubt! I wish I could give 10 stars!!! Ashli at the front desk – 5 stars, Lorraine – 5 stars, Dr. Jazayerli – 5 stars! These people really care about your well being!”
~ Mike Lovitto

“Northshore Sleep Medicine has changed my life. I feel 15 years younger and have energy! The doctors are excellent. The staff is so caring. The process is extremely patient friendly. The technicians have been so responsive and have helped me greatly with my C-Pap on the same day. I recommend them strongly! I am so glad I went to Northshore Sleep Medicine!”
~ Sheila M.

“I can’t believe a little machine could make this much difference in such a short time. It is an unbelievable change. I am feeling better than I have in 20 years!”
~ Barbara F.

“I had been complaining for 10 years to my primary care doctor that I was tired all the time. I finally I had to bring myself here and low and behold I had severe sleep apnea.”
~ Ed H.

“I’m very pleased with this office. The first impression is the front desk who are super friendly and knowledgeable!! Then I met Dr Najjar who is also very kind and listens to his patients. I’ve been to many doctors and it’s so refreshing to feel like I’m being heard. 🙂 The sleep clinic side has also been so accommodating!!”
~ Jamie W.

“Fantastic experience. Little to no waiting and “Dr. Jazz” (Dr. Jazayerli) is caring and attentive. Staff is also great and friendly.”
~ Jonathan F.

Northshore Sleep Medicine office“Great staff. Love the experience of Dr. Najjar. Friendly and helpful team. Worth the 100-mile drive!”
~ a patient from Milwaukee

“CPAP is like being on happy juice.”
~ Paul A.

“I have been given a new life.”
~ Thomas B. about CPAP

“The sleep study was actually FUN! The techs were great and everyone was so nice. We loved working with Dr. Najjar.”
~ Jake T.

“I find Dr. Jazayerli someone who is easy to talk to and concerned by my sleep issues his also checking my other medical situations that interfere with my sleep. He helped with dealing with the insurance and I have recommended him to friends.”
~ Aaron

“Glad my general practitioner suggested this business. The staff is very personable, spending necessary time with me answering all of my questions, explaining everything thoroughly and terms I fully understand. Dr. Najjar is very knowledgeable, attentive and friendly. The office and patient rooms are very clean too.”
~ Cherie W.

“Many thanks to Dana and Lorraine (technicians) for help with my machine and their advice relevant to the use and care of my equipment.”
~ Jerry S.

“Dr. Jazayerli has been amazing working with me to get treatment for my narcolepsy. He was flexible and even recommended another sleep doctor when I decided his office was too far for me to travel. His staff was very nice, as well. The people who ran my sleep studies were professional and made sure I was comfortable.”
~ Valerie L.

“The first night I had to use CPAP I cried because I was so claustrophobic. But now I can’t imagine sleeping without it!”
~ Lisa A.

“Dr. Jazayerli explained clearly the Sleep Study test of last week, particularly the results on which the future treatment is based. Thank you!”
~ Eli O.

“Dr. Najjar is very personable. Love the technology use.”
~ Ashley M.”Treating my sleep apnea fundamentally changed my life — physically, emotionally and mentally.”
~ Richard

“I was very guarded at the start of the visit due to my previous visit. But Dr. Najjar was very nice and helpful. It was the best visit I have had here.”
~ Ellanna M.

“I’m happy to have Dr. Jazayerli as my new physician. He was thorough and explained answers to my questions well. Nice, friendly office staff!”
~ Barbara B.

“What I have had done here — visit, study, follow-up, supplies — took only 1 week! At my other doctor this took 3+ months! Thank you!”
~ Eliezer G.

“Caring, thorough doctor. Professional, responsive staff. Everyone is very friendly and competent.”
~ Anne D.

“Very good follow-up and interest in my working health.”
~ Madeleine

“This was my first visit. I was very impressed with Dr. Najjar, the staff and the promptness of care. Thanks.”
~ David E.

“Very helpful. Everyone on staff is very nice and informative.”
~ Tina D.

“Great visit with the new doctor! Able to provide new suggestions in treatment of my insomnia.”
~ Kelly I.

“[My visit] was quick and painless!”
~ Abraham L.

“Very helpful and thorough. Dr. Najjar carefully reviewed all possibly relevant information.”
~ Paul B.

“I think it’s cool, Dad.”
~ Paul K.’s son about taking his CPAP camping

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