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Comparing CPAP Cleaners

CPAP Cleaners
Patients who use CPAP machines often ask us for input on keeping the unit clean and functional. Sleep Review magazine put together a guide comparing CPAP cleaners side-by-side. The guide compares features such as dimensions (overall and inside chamber), weight, cycle time, cleaning mechanism, maintenance, warranty, estimated useful life, power consumption, accessories, reimbursement, and supporting research.

Find details for the following products:

  • 3B Medical, Inc., Lumin
  • SiestaMed Technologies, LLC, Hurricane CPAP Equipment Dryer
  • SoClean, Inc., SoClean 2
  • Healthcare Logiix System/VirtuOx VirtuCLEAN

Check out the “PAP Cleaners Comparison Guide” from Sleep Review »

Or, download a copy here.

Newly Decorated Sleep Lab

sleep clinic bedroom

At part of our move this year, our Northbrook sleep lab bedrooms for overnight sleep studies have been remodeled to offer the latest in style and comfort. The fresh decor creates a cozy place for an evening stay. Each bedroom features attractive home-like furnishings with private bathrooms and amenities such as cable TV, DVD players and free WiFi. Plus, each room now has its own thermostat for individualized comfort and control.

If you need a follow-up or would like to make an appointment for you or a loved one, give us a call at 847-674-3600 and check out the new look! To get a preview, check out our Northbrook sleep lab photo gallery and view the slideshow.

sleep lab room


Welcome to Northbrook!

Northshore Sleep Medicine, Northbrook Court Professional Plaza

Northshore Sleep Medicine now calls Northbrook home! Note: Our first day seeing patients in the new office will be Saturday, January 13. Some technical issues made it necessary for us to reschedule any appointments originally set for January 9–12 while our tech team worked phone and other issues. We’ll be sending text alerts to patients to keep you informed. Make note of our new address in the Northbrook Court Professional Plaza behind the mall.

Northshore Sleep Medicine
1535 Lake Cook Road, Suite 206
Northbrook, IL 60062
see map ]
Kicking off a new year in a new location, the center will continue to feature all the customary perks for high-quality and comfortable sleep studies: four custom sleep study bedrooms with queen-size beds and attractive home-like furnishings with private bathrooms. Plus, patients and visitors will enjoy more accessible parking, more parking spaces, more privacy, easy proximity to shopping and restaurants, and much more.

New Northbrook Office Opens January 2018

Northshore Sleep Medicine Northbrook

It’s official! Northshore Sleep Medicine will kick off 2018 in our new sleep clinic/office in Northbrook — right behind Northbrook Court. 

We’ll still be seeing patients, providing supplies and conducting sleep studies at the Evanston location through December. All appointments in 2018 are already being scheduled in Northbrook.

We’ll be in this new space as of January 8, 2018.
Northshore Sleep Medicine
1535 Lake Cook Road, Suite 206
Northbrook, IL 60062
see map ]

Please note our new address and watch our Facebook page and website for any last-minute updates. See more about the new space: Our Sleep Clinic is On the Move!


Our Sleep Clinic is On the Move!

Northshore Sleep Medicine

Northshore Sleep Medicine is ready for our next exciting move! In response to patient and staff suggestions, our sleep clinic/office is relocating to Northbrook — right behind Northbrook Court — this Winter. Please note our new address and watch our Facebook page and newsletter for updates on when we can open those doors officially.

Northshore Sleep Medicine
1535 Lake Cook Road
Suites 206-208
Northbrook, IL 60062

For just a few weeks more, we’ll still be seeing patients, providing supplies and conducting sleep studies at the Evanston location. When the doors open at the new center, it will also feature four sleep study bedrooms with queen-size beds, private bathrooms/showers and all the amenities sleep study participants have enjoyed with us all along. We’re looking forward to the new location which will include many improvements, such as…

  • More accessible parking & more parking spaces
  • More privacy
  • Located in quiet, single-story commercial setting
  • Better soundproofing
  • Improved temperature control
  • Conveniently located off of I-94 and Lake Cook Road
  • Easy proximity to shopping, restaurants
  • And much more.

Construction is nearing completion and we may be able to start moving in late December or January. But — as with all transitions of this type — there could be delays and push-backs in the schedule. For this reason, we’ll be the ones to notify everyone of any changes. (Follow us on Facebook for news, too!)

IMPORTANT: We will be diligently informing patients when the move has taken place and to which location patients should go for their next appointment. Please do NOT call in to ask if a future scheduled appointment is at this location or that location.

We’re going to be sending text and e-mail notifications as the time draws near. Be sure we have your up-to-date contact information, including the best e-mail and correct cell phone number, so we can keep in touch with you throughout the transition.

Please call 847-674-3600 to update your contact information or for an appointment.

We look forward to continuing to provide great healthcare services for our patients at our private, physician-owned practice. Our entire team led by Dr. Najjar & Dr. Jazayerli is committed to enhancing patient care and making a smooth transition to Northbrook. All in all, we’re working on a much better, new and improved sleep center.

Summer Sleep: Long Days, Short Nights

summer sleep

Switching up schedules is a given in the summer as barbeques, beaches and ballgames coax us to be out and about. The longer days and sunny weather put everybody in the mood to stay up late and cram as much fun as we can into the season. But do you realize how summer is affecting your sleep or your kids’ sleep schedules?

According to sleep experts, little kids (3–5 years old) should be getting between 11 to 13 hours of sleep at night, especially if they have stopped napping regularly. The 6- to 12-year-olds need 10 or 11 hours. And those moody teenagers need at least nine! Most teens only tend to get about seven hours of sleep on average. (See Sleep in Adolescents.) And we all know that the average American adult is perpetually sleep deprived.

A late or short night here and there may not seem to wear anybody ragged, but you can’t hope to make up that summer sleep on the weekend if a regular bedtime for everyone has all but disappeared. Whenever possible, it really is best to go to sleep at the same time each night and get up at the same time each morning. These routines help the body and brain know when to ease up and when to engage which greatly improves your sleep. And good sleep greatly improves your health all year round.

Try to Keep a Sleep Schedule

If your family hung out in the neighbor’s backyard until nearly 11:00 pm last night, you’re going to have to expect some sleeping-in or a nap the next day. Overall, it’s better to try and keep a regular bedtime schedule, even if you’ve pushed it back a bit from the school year. Anyone on a summer break or vacation could even feel like they are being lazy by day, so why worry so much about sleeping at night. But keeping some consistency will help better sleep patterns when things get back to (“so-called”?) normal.

Prep for Back to School Bedtimes

Slowly shifting a later summer bedtime (for your kids and for grown-ups!) can be done in 15-minute increments. The week or so before school starts, set bedtimes back another quarter-hour each night or every two nights. That gradual shift can make all the difference when alarms start going off earlier than we want them to. Try this method to offset time changes if you are traveling abroad for vacation, too.

Just because that big ball of light in the sky is out more than you might be, you’ll get more out of those bright days if you can respect your sleep needs.

See more Tips to Promote a Good Night’s Sleep >>

Drowsy Driving on the Rise: Be Safe & Get to Sleep!

drowsy driving report

While you may never drive drunk and you’ve trained yourself to put the phone down and not text while driving, you may still be at risk of operating your car when you are way too tired.

The potentially fatal effects of drowsy driving are in the news again with the Governors Highway Safety Association’s new report showing that nearly 83.6 million sleep-deprived Americans are driving every day. While the actual numbers of accidents and fatalities are difficult to determine, the AAA Foundation estimates drowsiness causes an average 328,000 crashes per year, with 109,000 involving 6,400 fatalities.

drowsy driving fatalities

“Drowsy driving is more pervasive than we recognize, more commonplace and we’re all guilty of it,” said Pam Fischer, a former New Jersey highway safety official who wrote the report released this week. “And we have the ability to correct it. The fix is simple: Get more sleep.”

The bottom line is that too many of us are accepting sleep deprivation as the new normal. If the adverse health effects won’t lead you to treatment, the even scarier possibilities of a serious car accident should be that wake-up call. Plus, any motorist who has been awake for an extended period of time can experience performance deficits similar to that of someone who has been drinking. If you haven’t slept in 21 hours, you could have the same reaction time as someone with an alcohol concentration of 0.08%.

BAC drowsy driving

Sleep needs change for different age groups, but the average adult needs 7.5 to 9 hours of sleep every night. Do you get 9 hours of sleep? Do you know anyone who does?

Changing Your Sleep Habits

It’s time to change our habits and get help. First, try some of our Sleep Health Tips to switch up your behavior and cultivate good sleep hygiene. If trying those ideas don’t help, you may have a health problem hampering your ability to get to sleep or stay asleep. Talk to your doctor about how much and how well you are sleeping.

Once you can rule out environmental or possible medication side effects as the culprits, you may want to see a sleep specialist or do a sleep study. One of the usual suspects, obstructive sleep apnea, has several treatment options that get people back to sleep without medication. Some people even show improvement with new dental sleep treatments. Whatever the root cause of your short sleep nights, there is probably a treatment to help you get back to sleep and down the road safely.

Independent Northshore Sleep Medicine Accepts Most Insurance Plans

NorthShore Sleep Medicine

As the latest changes in insurance plans affect many patients and healthcare providers, our Northshore Sleep Medicine team would like to assure you that we continue to accept all major insurance plans. In fact, Northshore Sleep Medicine is NOT affiliated with any local healthcare institutions, so we are able to be in network with several different insurance companies, including BlueCross BlueShield Illinois PPO policies, as well as their Blue Choice policies.

BlueCross BlueShield of Illinois has been in the news recently as they dropped a popular health plan which had provided those patients access to most of the hospital and health systems on Chicago’s North Shore. However, we want to clarify that our center is not in any way affiliated with “NorthShore University HealthSystems”. Therefore, our physician owned sleep center is unaffected by this change. If you would like to read more about the news item, check out these articles:

Please see our website’s Insurance Info page for details or call us at 847-674-3600 if you have any questions.

Founded in 2007, the physician owned and operated Northshore Sleep Medicine is a private medical facility dedicated to providing comprehensive diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up of all major sleep disorders in adults and children.

Time Change & Your Sleep Schedule

How to Manage the Time Change

Light is the primary cue for how well we sleep. We might all have different sleep schedules, but the morning sun tends to be a strong beacon to get out of bed. Regardless of your personal bedtime and rising habits, the seasonal time changes can disrupt your sleep.
sleep and time change

If you tend to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night, then just going to bed a little bit later for a few nights before the time change may help you adjust more quickly. But if you get by on 6 hours or less more often than not, you may have more trouble adapting.

Try to avoid alcohol or caffeine before bedtime and minimize or eliminate using electronics or watching TV. Those light cues trick your brain into wakefulness making adjustments to the time change more difficult. And don’t stay up extra late Saturday night…which admittedly may be a bit tricky if you’re going to a Halloween party.

Most importantly, if you have trouble sleeping or feel fatigued even with a so-called “decent” night’s sleep, we can help. Avoid any spooky consequences — like drowsy driving —and visit us to get your sleep health on track.

Health Professional Office Space Available

Northshore Sleep Medicine

Newly remodeled office space is now available exclusively for qualified medical and/or behavioral health professionals at Northshore Sleep Medicine.

As our physicians focus on sleep medicine exclusively, we would welcome the addition of another health professional to the building. Come see our beautiful, newly renovated office space, perfect for physicians, nutritionists/dieticians, psychologists, chiropractors and other licensed health care practitioners.

Located in a quiet neighborhood in Evanston, Illinois, near Skokie, Northshore Sleep Medicine is convenient to Chicago and the northern suburbs. Physician owned and operated, this private medical facility is designed completely for patient convenience and comfort. Free parking to the rear of the single-story building is well-lit, while the building and the surrounding neighborhood feels quite safe. Most importantly, because we are a free-standing medical center, there are none of the hassles of a hospital setting.

Your lease can include the following amenities:

  • Private treatment room for your practice with comfortable waiting area for clients and patients.
  • Use of our friendly administrative staff.
  • Private voicemail extension on the phone system.
  • Access to fax machine and copier.
  • Use of a communal kitchen area.
  • Janitorial services.
  • Free parking.
  • Separate storage space for extra equipment and supplies.
  • Opportunity for referrals and collaboration as appropriate.

The office/treatment rooms can be customized to meet your needs. Affordable monthly leases are available and the terms and amount of lease are negotiable. Interested parties should be fully licensed, HIPAA-compliant professionals.

Contact Giulia Alexandru at 847-674-3600 ext 211 or click here to email to learn more, schedule a tour of the space and learn more about the benefits of working at our center.

See photos and more information about Northshore Sleep Medicine.