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Comparing CPAP Cleaners

CPAP Cleaners
Patients who use CPAP machines often ask us for input on keeping the unit clean and functional. Sleep Review magazine put together a guide comparing CPAP cleaners side-by-side. The guide compares features such as dimensions (overall and inside chamber), weight, cycle time, cleaning mechanism, maintenance, warranty, estimated useful life, power consumption, accessories, reimbursement, and supporting research.

Find details for the following products:

  • 3B Medical, Inc., Lumin
  • SiestaMed Technologies, LLC, Hurricane CPAP Equipment Dryer
  • SoClean, Inc., SoClean 2
  • Healthcare Logiix System/VirtuOx VirtuCLEAN

Check out the “PAP Cleaners Comparison Guide” from Sleep Review »

Or, download a copy here.