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Why is It Important to Maintain CPAP Supplies?

It is important to maintain CPAP supplies and replace items such as the mask, cushion, headgear, tubing, and filters. Did you know that all insurance providers suggest replacement of CPAP supplies according to a set schedule?

Here are four reasons you should replace your CPAP supplies.

  1. CPAP Supplies Degrade Over Time
    Your CPAP mask, headgear, and tubing are not meant to last forever. Most masks are made of plastic and silicone and the headgear is made from neoprene or elastic. All of these materials begin to break down with frequent use.
  2. Cushions Tend to Lose Their Seal with Repeated Use
    If you have to continually tighten the headgear to maintain a seal with your mask, it will not fit comfortably and you can actually harm yourself in the process. If you wake up with red skin or sores, it is time to replace the mask and headgear.
  3. Bacteria!
    As you know, your mask and tubing need to be cleaned regularly with mild soapy water and left to dry or bacteria will grow. But regardless of how diligent you are about cleaning, the warm, moist environment of CPAP therapy promotes bacteria growth.
  4. Dirty Filters Can Cause CPAP Machine Damage
    The filters in a CPAP machine need to be replaced regularly. If dust and other contaminants build up, they cause the CPAP machine to overheat and damage the motor over time. CPAP masks and headgear tend to last three to six months depending on a few factors such as:
  • The frequency of use and cleaning
  • Durability of the product
  • Climate
  • Exposure to ultraviolet light
  • The methods of cleaning
  • The type of cushion materials
  • Skin oils, perspiration, and/or skin creams

See our Equipment Replacement Schedule for more information on when you should or can replace CPAP supplies.

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