NEW! Breakthrough Sleep Apnea Treatment

Have you previously failed CPAP and other treatments for your diagnosed sleep apnea? Or, are you really struggling with getting your current treatment to work for you?

Now, there is another option — Inspire™. Some of our patients at Northshore Sleep Medicine are getting results with this fully implanted system. Our doctors are available for pre-screening patients to see if this treatment would be a viable option. Then, we can make the referral to the appropriate specialist.

Discover Inspire™, the breakthrough sleep apnea treatment that works inside your body with your natural breathing process. No mask, no hose, no noise.

CNN“Here’s Why You Don’t Sleep Well in a New Place”

“Dr. Muhammad Najjar a neurology specialist in sleep medicine with Northshore Sleep Medicine in Evanston, Illinois, said the study seems to make a lot of sense. ‘There can be a lot more anxiety around sleeping away from home and that can make it more difficult to sleep,’ Najjar said. And often when people travel for work they already have an elevated amount of stress. ‘That certainly will effect sleep quality, too.'” Read more in the CNN article >>

Reader's Digest“13 Things Sleep Doctors Won’t Tell You”

Dr. Najjar, Northshore Sleep Medicine’s Medical Director, spoke to Reader’s Digest about a range of sleep tips and tales in this informative article that appears in their March 2016 issue. He and other sleep specialists comment on anything from “ditch the pajamas” to exploding head syndrome. Pick up a copy or  click the graphic below to read more.

sleep doctors

Chief Technician Lorraine

Sleep Team Seeks Sleep Techs, Nurse Practitioner

Great opportunity to join our staff at Northshore Sleep Medicine. Friendly faces looking to fit in with a patient-oriented practice are always welcome to apply. Competitive pay and benefits, extensive training and opportunities for continued career growth are all part of the package.

If you are an experienced Nurse Practitioner who is looking to specialize in sleep medicine, please contact us about a part-time position. Training will be provided — you’ll learn to read and interpret sleep studies — but a general knowledge of sleep disorders is required. Plus, be part of a genuinely dedicated, dynamic and warm team of professionals.

UPDATE: Positions have been filled. Please watch this page for future openings.

Northshore sleep clinic

Northshore Sleep Medicine Remodels Facility to Improve Patient Comfort and Care

Northshore Sleep Medicine clinicNow more than ever, Northshore Sleep Medicine is proud to offer the highest quality of care in a calm, caring environment. Our sleep medicine team has been hard at work renovating the clinic as new owners Dr. Najjar and Dr. Jazayerli enjoy meeting and treating current and new patients. We can’t wait for you to see what we’ve done with the place and experience the love and detail put into every room. The newly decorated rooms for overnight sleep studies offer the very latest in style and comfort. The fresh decor creates a cozy place for an evening stay.

We know people can get anxious about crawling into bed in an unfamiliar setting. Northshore Sleep Medicine wants patients to feel like a guest and to be as comfortable as possible. With hypoallergenic pillows and high-quality mattresses, each room is painted a different color and features unique furnishings and bedding. We’re hoping that patients fall in love with their room and find it feels more personal than any hotel room. Patients may even request to have the same room on their follow-up study.

If you need a follow-up or would like to make an appointment for you or a loved one, give us a call at 847-674-3600 and check out the new look! Check out Our Photo Gallery >>

Northshore Sleep clinic

Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, November 2-11

Don’t drive drowsy! It’s as dangerous as driving DRUNK. The National Sleep Foundation aims to increase awareness and improve driver safety during Drowsy Driving Prevention Week in November. Get your rest as we adjust to shorter days this season. Learn more >>

drowsy driving prevention

“Sleep Better” Tips to Help You Fall Back

Dr. Najjar weighs in on new sleep apps for your smartphone as Into the Gloss, the popular style blog, offers ways to improve your sleep habits during this seasonal shift. Read more >>

Welcome Our New Sleep Doctors

The team at Northshore Sleep Medicine is very excited to bring you some wonderful news. As most of you may already know, Dr. Shives has sold the practice and is no longer practicing here. I’m sure that most of you have been eager to learn about what the future of the practice holds. The wait is over.

Dr. Muhammad NajjarTwo new doctors, Drs. Roukan Jazayerli and Muhammad Najjar, have taken over the Practice. Dr. Jazayerli is a board-certified sleep specialist who completed his residency and fellowship at George Washington University. Dr. Najjar is a board-certified sleep specialist who completed both his residency and fellowship at Louisiana State University. Together, these two fine doctors have more than 20 years of experience in sleep medicine. For more background on the doctors, please see our Sleep Medicine Doctors page.

Dr. Roukan JazayerliThe process of finding physicians to take over and continue the operations of the Practice was very deliberate and the highest emphasis was placed on finding physicians who would continue to provide excellent medical treatment for our patients. We anticipate that the care you will receive going forward will meet your highest expectations. We have learned from past weaknesses and are moving forward with a new focus dedicated entirely on you, our patient.

We are building a premier sleep center that is dedicated 100% to your sleep needs. With the support and commitment of our new doctors, we hope to regain your trust and create healthier physician/patient relationships.

On behalf of the Practice and all of our physicians, we value the relationship we have developed over the years. We look forward to your suggestions for improvement as we move ahead. We look forward to serving you and your loved ones for many more years to come.

Writer Sleeps Tight at Clinic

writer sleeps tight at clinicLes Jacobson of The North Shore Weekend finds out for himself about sleeping at the clinic: “To find out how such studies work, I volunteered to sleep over at Northshore Sleep Medicine, a private clinic in Evanston,” he writes. “There were wires connected to my scalp, arms, chest, abdomen, fingers, legs — even in my nostrils to monitor my breathing and oxygen levels. After an hour reading, I turned out the light and, suprisingly, fell asleep right away.” See their July 2014 issue or read more here about Les’ sleep study >>


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