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Home Sleep Testing

home sleep testing

Home sleep testing or HST is another option for gathering data to help your sleep specialist diagnose obstructive sleep apnea (see more on Sleep Apnea). A home sleep test is a simplified version of sleep testing as it’s done in a clinic like Northshore Sleep Medicine. For the home version, patients wear special equipment that collects information while they sleep.

The differences between an HST and an in-clinic sleep study are that you are sleeping at home in your own bed for the HST and using different equipment. There is no sleep technician at your home as there is in a traditional sleep study. You will usually need to set up the testing equipment yourself.

Who Can Do Home Sleep Testing?

Some sleep disorders are evaluated better with a sleep study conducted in a clinic setting. But if your sleep specialist finds that initial information indicates you may have sleep apnea, he or she may recommend that you use a Home Sleep Test to help diagnose the sleep disorder

You should not use a home sleep test if:

  • You do not have a high risk of sleep apnea.
  • Your sleep specialist thinks that you might have different sleep disorder.
  • You have certain medical conditions.

How Do Home Sleep Tests Work?

If you have been prescribed a home sleep test, our sleep center will provide you with the rental equipment you’ll need and our specially trained technicians will show you how to set it up. The devices used for the home tests have different sensors and equipment to measure breathing and blood oxygen levels. Your heart rate and other health information may also be measured and stored on the device while you sleep.

Return the equipment to our sleep center for analysis when the test is complete. Your sleep doctor will meet with you to discuss the results and treatment options. Some patients may need to have a follow-up study in our comfortable clinic depending on the results.

When Would a Clinical Sleep Test be Necessary?

You may need an overnight sleep study in a sleep clinic if:

  • Your home sleep test did not record enough data for a diagnosis
  • Your initial test results indicate that you do NOT have obstructive sleep apnea.

For more information about sleep studies and diagnosing your sleep needs, please call our office to set up an appointment at 847-674-3600.

Learn more in our Sleep Studies FAQ and What to Expect at Your Sleep Visit.

*NOTE: Northshore Sleep Medicine does not ship home sleep testing equipment. If shipping is necessary, we can facilitate arrangements with an affiliate, SNAP Diagnostics.

Image used with permission of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.


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