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What to Expect at Your Sleep Visit

Initial Sleep Consultation with Physician

The first appointment is a comprehensive evaluation in which we obtain a detailed history and physical that focuses on your sleep concerns. Expect to spend about 15 minutes with a technician and an additional 20 minutes with a sleep physician.

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Sleep Study (Polysomnogram) with Sleep Technician

The sleep study is an overnight stay at our sleep lab to diagnose and rule out various sleep disorders. A sleep technician will be able to assess your sleep quality with wires that are attached to you and a camera that will monitor you during the night. You will have access to TV, a DVD player, wireless internet, and your own bedroom and bathroom. The technician’s priority is your comfort and safety. We can accommodate any sleep schedule.

OR Home Sleep Test

The home sleep test is utilized at home. This type of test is indicated and recommended by insurance companies when the sleep disorder suspected is Obstructive Sleep Apnea. A technician will dispense the unit and educate you here in the office on how to use it at home. You will then use it at home for 1–2 nights and return the unit so that we can download the results. A follow-up appointment is then scheduled for a time to meet with the doctor and review the results.

Daytime Nap Study (MSLT) with Sleep Technician

The MSLT is a daytime extension of the overnight sleep study that can be appropriate to determine the cause of excessive daytime sleepiness in some cases. The set-up is similar to the overnight study but you will be asked to take four or five naps for 20 minutes scheduled every two hours. We suggest you bring relaxing activities and snacks to keep you busy in between naps.

Dr. Roukan Jazayerli MDFollow-Up After Sleep Study with Physician

In this 30-minute visit, a physician will review the results of your sleep study. The causes, complications, and treatment options of diagnosed sleep disorders will be explained in detail at this visit.

CPAP or Oral Appliance Titration Study with Sleep Technician

This is a second overnight sleep study with the addition of a CPAP machine or oral appliance for the treatment of diagnosed sleep apnea. This titration will determine what air pressure and type of machine is needed to minimize irregular breathing and maintain oxygen levels. Various masks may be utilized to best achieve this goal.

Follow-up After Titration Study with Physician

The purpose of this 30 minute visit to provide you with the CPAP equipment and to teach you how to use it. After reviewing the results of the titration study with the physician, the remainder of this visit will involve mask fittings and explanation of CPAP equipment.

CPAP Follow-Up Visit with Technician and Physician

These 30-minute appointments will be with a physician to review CPAP compliance and effectiveness in order to ensure optimal treatment of sleep apnea. These appointments will serve to address your concerns and questions as well as to allow for treatment adjustments as needed.  Sleep technicians will assist the physician with mask fittings and replacement of supplies.

Treatment Review with Physician

These 30-minute appointments will re-evaluate any existing sleep disorders or address new sleep problems. Because medications, treatment options, and symptoms change, close follow-up is an integral part of successful long-term treatment of our patients.

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