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Sleep Resources

Sleep Diary
Keep a sleep log that you can share with your physician to help identify any patterns or symptoms that could help you sleep better. Download SLEEP DIARY >>

Tips to Promote a Good Night’s Sleep
Good sleep habits—also called sleep hygiene—can help you get a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips from Northshore Sleep Medicine.

Take the Sleep Questionnaire
How well are you sleeping? Answer the questions in our FREE Sleep Survey to find out if you might benefit from medical help.

Jet Lag Syndrome
Jet lag results from a misalignment between the endogenous circadian clock and the sleep/wake schedule of the destination time zone.

Circadian Sleep Disorders
Disruption of the phase relationship between circadian rhythmicity and sleep homeostasis underlies disorders such as jet lag and shiftwork disorder.

Sleep Health Links

Child Sleep, Teen Sleep Resources

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